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Tuesday, May 10, 2005


What a day today. During lunch, I needed to return a DVD to the library and stop at the Post Office. At the library, I saw a car without a handicap designation parked in a handicap parking spot. Then at the Post Office, there is a sign that says, "No Parking, Stopping, Standing Any Time" right in front of the entrance. With at least 15 spots available, this woman pulls right up in front of the sign, gets out of her car, and goes inside.

I get back to my office and walk into the building on the side that says, "No Smoking. Please Use the Designated Smoking Area." Some guy lights up and nods his head at me with a smile as I pass by him.

I would think that people would follow the signs, if no other reason than to make the sign-makers feel like their efforts have been worthwhile. Maybe tomorrow I will just blow through a stop sign.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


I read a story in the New York Times recently about soldiers in Iraq who still are in desperate need of the proper armor for their Humvees. One soldier took pictures of damage to the vehicle, which could have been avoided if the vehicle had been properly equipped. Today, when I was driving back to my office after lunch, I saw that I was in front of a very new looking Hummer. When the Hummer moved into the left lane to turn left at a light, I got a good look at it. That vehicle looked very well-equipped -- like it could survive any disaster or attack that might befall it. If only our soldiers were as affluent as the woman driving that Hummer near my office, our troops would be much safer.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005


I had a habit (before my current job where I am actually working) of spending time on the internet reading news stories about various topics. My afflication was particularly acute during the failed campaign season. In order to read articles from different newspapers, I had to sign up for those papers. San Francisco Chronicle? Yes. Boston Globe? Of course. Orlanda Sentinel? Why not? Cincinatti Something or Other? What the heck? They were all free. So, here I am thinking that I can read anything at any time.

Today, at work, a few of us had a conversation about the most recent episode of the Fox show "24." We were speculating as to whether the President was killed or not. One of my work/24 cronies heard about an article in the Los Angeles Times saying (I understand in a tongue-in-cheek manner) that the show might have gone too far killing a President. That never happens on television. I decided that I had to read that article. Given the fact that the episode aired Monday night (just two days ago), I would not be locked out due to the 14-day restriction that some of the on-line publications have.

Well, go figure. The one article that I wanted to read in probably three months was excluded from the Cheapo Readers section. In order to read it, I would have to do a pay subscription. No offense to my friends in L.A. who read the L.A. Times daily and swear at it (or swear by it -- one or the other), I cannot justify paying for a subscription to a paper not in my general geographic area. I do not even pay for a subscription to my local paper.

Looks like I will just have to read the "24" blogs and chats.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Tolls: $2.65
Lunch: $14.25, including tip
Mileage: $37.00 (0.37 per mile for about 100 miles)
Having your parents watch your kids for a night while you and your spouse go out to a nice dinner, go to see "Spamalot," based on "Monty Python and the Holy Grail," enjoying the show more than you thought was possible, having your spouse actually enjoy the show very much even though she is not a Monty Python fan, staying in a hotel overnight with perhaps the most comfortable bed in a hotel ever, and sleeping late the next morning . . . priceless.

Thursday, March 17, 2005


As part of my new job, I have to deal with a lot of attorneys throughout the country. Today I needed to call an attorney in Louisiana, a man named Adrien. (I will leave out his last name to protect the innocent.) I have spoken with Adrien on a few occasions, and I have found him to be very capable. I found out, however, that his ability extends only to his legal prowess, not his telephone skills.

When the receptionist put me through to Adrien, he said hello. I said, "I am just calling to discuss the . . . " Again, he said hello. I said, "Adrien." No response. I called a little louder, "ADRIEN." Again, no response. Then from my desk you could hear this almost uncomfortable scream, as I yelled, "ADRIEN! ADRIEN!" When I realized what this must have sounded like to the other people near my desk, I decided to hang up and try again.

Next time, same problem, until Adrien realized that his telephone headset was turned off. Once he turned it back on, our conversation proceeded along a more normal course. That is all for today. I am gonna fly now.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


So, we finally started getting a little bit nicer weather. (Short lived, but it was fine.) This past weekend, I took two of my kids to a playground. As we were there, a mother started calling for one of her kids because they were getting ready to leave. She started yelling the child's name, but the child was not coming to her. (There is a lot of equipment at this playground, and you cannot see everywhere.) The mother's other kids started yelling for their sister as well. No response. The mother started panicking and yelling louder. There was one entrance into the playground, and I told the mother that I would stand by the entrance and make sure nobody left unattended. You could really see the distress on this mother's face. She was trying to yell for her daughter, but she was starting to hyperventilate.

Finally, a dad at the playground came up to the woman and said that he was there when the woman came in, and he recalled seeing her with only two kids. My immediate thought was that maybe she left one in the car. Nope. Even better. The woman put her hand over her mouth and said, "Oh, I totally forgot. She's at home with her dad. She didn't come with us." She apologized profusely for the scene, but I think we were all too busy laughing (in relief, in part) to hear her.

Saturday, February 26, 2005


I have never made a great secret of the fact that I have an unhealthy obsession with "Saved By The Bell," a kids show from the 1990s. Recently, I realized that the show is on the air (on TBS) every weekday morning before I go to work. I convinced my kids that they should watch it. For about three weeks, they watched it faithfully every morning and even talked about the characters at breakfast. Alas, my middle kid found a show on TLC (called "Hi-5" or something like that), and now SBTB is just a distant memory for them. I tried to get them to watch junk, but I was totally and unequivocally unsuccessful. But I still watch it.